SKAUS phase one – exhibition Stavanger


– All works were made on location over a three week timespan in order to make them from and for the context. The pouring rain which lasted 10 days after arrival informed my works and my choices of how to treat and augment the building. Hammered sheet metal sculptures which were activated as percussion by rainwater and oak which changes rapidly when being continuously exposed to water (it expands, dissolves steel and produces black ink/pigment) was my response to this environment in the form of sculptural works. Opening the construction out towards a public space, creating a pathway to the entry and a door opening upwards sheltering visitors while entering where all measures to make this unfamiliar structure hospitable and welcoming. The structure was situated so that small puddles merged and formed a pond in front of the structure. I chose to emphasise this by digging out and even the edges, making clear the delineation between water, pathway and the structure. My exhibition and interventions was phase one of this project and it was inherited by Ingrid Furre which according to plan will continue the process, while also blurring or merging the lines of authorship, agenda and access.
– A parallel version occurred inside Rogaland Kunstsenter, which also is the venue which the structure is based on. Linda Lazer Lamignan was phase one there, followed by Ingeborg Kvame.

Skaus, a migratory exhibition project initiated by Markus Bråten, Mari Kolbeinson and Håvard Sagen. Inside and outside a structure built behind TOU scene in Stavanger.

More info about Skaus:
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Images by Andreas Amble & Håvard Sagen (Skaus)