That House is an Odd Fellow

A retro-fitted building, repurposed for various functions over decades, while still retaining some of the marks of its previous use. Like a fragmented character of a Samuel Beckett story. The material accumulated between 2014 and 2016 and led to two exhibitions. As a projection of a fragmentet personality onto a building structure, a fragmentet building with a personality; a house for a house to live in. In its two iterations the works that where shown spanned across painting, sculpture, installation, video, sound and five booklets/fanzines.

Through a process of sampling and abstraction of formal qualities, a referential and anecdotal game was formed. Not aiming of objectiveness: This was a play, a play and a psyche that knows that all it thinks and feels is true, while also questioning the possibilities of existing. A relational challenge among versions of oneself: “I am not one?!”

The stage like sculptures where based on a collage process, blending characteristics from within the building, in an attempt to make new abstractions while embedding certain qualities and feelings from the original building in Malmö. The emerald green staircase rising up from the entry hall with marble tiles glued onto the plaster walls so that clients of the now long abandoned dental clinic would feel comforted by the assumed presence of wealth. The neon light and turquoise green staircase did not attempt such theatrics, leading you down to the basement with soft cork covered walls, warm lacker, slanting walls which abruptly merged with the ceiling and accompanied by the deep hum from the boiler room.

The exhibitions were presented at Project Room 1 KHM and IAC Malmö.