Hanging, 2019 – sheet metal, paper, beech and cherry wood – 61x95x15cm


Stand, 2019 – copper and sheet metal 86x34x14cm.

Untitled (red/yellow/green)

Untitled (red), Untitled (yellow) and Untitled (green), 2019 – watercolor, mdf, mountingboard and sheet metal. 87.5×67.5x6cm each.


Cherry wood and sheet metal – 136x51x39cm – 2019

Untitled (red)

Untitled (red), 2019 – sheet metal, enamel paint, rivets on steel frame. 160x160x40cm


Untitled, 2019 – sheet metal on metal frame – 200x200x10cm

Untitled (arm) and Untitled (knee)

As a part of my exhibition Heavy petal at Johanne Gallery in Frankfurt AM.

Untitled (arm), 2018 – sheet metal, and rivets (scale my arm)

Untitled (knee) 2018, sheet metal and rivets, 40x40x4cm.

the image hangs loose

From exhibition at Delfi Malmö 2017.

Untitled (Gio & me) 2017, tape, acrylic, schellack and mdf. 232x131x27cm

Untitled (mop/head) 2017, plaster, schellack and IKEA stool. 63x32x32cm (incl. plaster)